How to Go Green with Refurbished Laptops

How to Go Green with Refurbished Laptops

Nov 18th 2019

With all the talk about climate change these days, people are becoming more aware of how their individual actions impact the world around them. You may recycle, use public transportation, and limit energy use all in the name of environmentalism. But what about your devices?

Phones, computers, laptops, and tablets have become so ingrained in our daily habits that it’s hard to imagine spending even an hour without them. But, buying new ones and using them constantly can have a negative effect on the environment. One way to lower your impact and go green is to buy refurbished laptops. Read on below to learn more about how purchasing a refurbished laptop benefits the environment.

Diminish Your Carbon Footprint

Buying a new laptop computer produces a considerable carbon footprint. Though they come in one piece at the store, laptops are made up of hundreds of different pieces. Each of these pieces is crafted from a different material. It takes time and energy to transform the raw materials into the parts needed to make a new laptop.

The supply chain is long and complicated, involving many different parties around the world. Not only must these materials be mined, extracted, processed, and transformed, but they must also be transported to the assembly location. As you can imagine, this requires a ton of resources and energy, which creates a huge carbon footprint. To lower the impact, you can purchase a laptop that is already made instead of requiring a new one to be created.

Decrease in Pollution

Most people replace their devices every couple of years. Since new laptops are constantly in demand, manufacturing never slows down. In addition to using up valuable resources and energy, laptop manufacturing also produces a lot of negative byproducts.

The process releases pollutants into the air and water. From design to assembly to shipping, creating a new laptop uses a ton of energy and results in an increase of greenhouse gases. If you purchase one that is already made, however, you can limit the amount of gas being released into the atmosphere and decrease your environmental impact.

Man discarding old electronics

Reduce Excessive Waste

Manufacturing isn’t the only source of environmental issues when it comes to replacing your laptop. Purchasing a brand-new laptop also means getting rid of your old one. While there are ways to dispose of an outdated computer responsibly, often, they wind up in landfills. This can have an even more devasting impact on the environment.

Laptops are made of all sorts of metals like lead, chromium, and flame retardants that can be toxic. While in landfills, these chemicals can soak into the soil, contaminate water, and pose a dangerous threat to those who come into contact with them. When these chemicals are released into the atmosphere, they can cause severe damage to humans, animals, and the environment. When you buy cheap refurbished HP laptops, you are preventing that laptop from ending up at the dump, thus cutting down on the environmental risk.

Though many people are skeptical about buying a refurbished laptop, you simply cannot argue with the environmental benefits of doing so. When it comes to refurbished laptops, the most important factor is buying from a trustworthy seller. If you are looking for cheap refurbished HP laptops for sale, visit us at, Inc.