Everything You Should Know before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Everything You Should Know before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Nov 14th 2019

When it comes time to buy a new laptop, you may have to drop a sizable chunk of money to get a top-of-the-line machine that can wow you with its speed, power, and digital agility. For many, that’s an option that’s simply out of reach, since the latest and greatest laptops on the market could easily rival the cost of a nice used car in price. Therefore, for many people who want a powerful computer with a more reasonable price point, a refurbished laptop is a logical option.

The best refurbished Dell computers won’t just save you money; most come loaded with features and add-ons in addition to an extended warranty. Those who buy refurbished Dell computers know that there is great value to be had in the refurbished computer market, and you’ll still get a laptop that will rival a new model in terms of performance. Keep reading to learn what you should know before buying a refurbished computer.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

When many computer buyers hear the word refurbished, they think that it simply means that a refurbished laptop is the same thing as a used laptop. A refurbished computer is simply a machine that was returned for some reason, inspected, cleaned, upgraded, repaired if necessary, and resold with an extended warranty. Any data on the refurbished computer left by the original buyer is wiped. In many cases, the refurbishing process is carried out by the original manufacturer of the computer. A used laptop is just that. It’s a laptop of dubious origin that was used. It is neither inspected nor wiped, and buying one is done at the purchaser’s own risk with no warranty.

The Typical Refurbished Laptop Customer

There are some customers who simply want to buy a new laptop and have the means to do so regardless of the price. However, refurbished laptops appeal to buyers who are tech-savvy enough to want new to market technology and performance but aren’t willing to drop top dollar to get it. Refurbished electronics allow consumers who are operating within a tight budget to save money without sacrificing much in the way of performance at the lower price point. Refurbished laptops are also an attractive option for buyers who are risk-averse and would rather not spend any amount of money on a laptop that may or may not perform to expectations. Refurbished laptops are guaranteed to be functional and offer a great low-price option.

Closed laptop

Refurbished Laptop Grades

There are three different grades of refurbished laptops. Every machine receives a grade as part of the refurbishing process. A-grade refurbished laptops are computers that show no significant superficial signs of wear or use and function flawlessly with relatively new performance metrics and operating systems. For example, if a customer ordered a new computer online, opened the box, turned the machine on, then decided to return it, that computer may end up back at the factory for refurbishment as a A-class laptop. B-class refurbished laptops may have slight cosmetic imperfections such as scratches on the screen, worn keys on the keyboard, or minor dings in the shell. C-class refurbished laptops show significant signs of wear, have older operating system, and could have slightly compromised screens. All three grades are tested for functionality, but the primary differences are performance and cosmetic imperfections.

A Few Hidden Benefits

There are a few under-the-radar benefits that purchasers of refurbished computers get as well in addition to the lower price. For example, refurbishment often includes the installation of the latest versions operating systems and updated software at no additional cost to the consumer. The refurbished laptops are also closely inspected by trained factory personnel before they are repackaged and shipped. Even new computers may not all be inspected for optimal performance before leaving the factory, so when you buy a refurbished laptop you know the machine has been verified to work as expected.

If you want a laptop with new-to-market technology and current features without paying full price, consider purchasing a refurbished laptop. To learn more about things you should know before buying a refurbished laptop, contact PCExchange.net at (508) 788-6326